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Our Mission

Client Centered

At Southern Heritage, we aim to help you achieve your financial objectives with passion and a relentless commitment to your goals. Through decades of industry knowledge and an emphasis on integrity in all we do, we strive to be your most trusted advisor.

We believe each client deserves an excellent and personalized level of service that prioritizes building relationships to stand the test of time. Family matters to us, and that is what we aim to make you feel like every time you walk through our doors. 

Rooted in Our History. Guided by Our Mission. Demonstrating Our Values.

We Value...

Growth: we are committed to our clients’ long term success and work with them every step of the way to create and execute tailored strategies that align with their goals. 

People: as servant leaders, we understand it is our duty and obligation to prioritize our clients' best interests in all we do.

Integrity: we create and build trust with our clients from the moment they walk in the door and throughout their time with Southern Heritage.

Our History

Founded in 2007 by Jeff Jackson, Southern Heritage has acted as a fiduciary since its inception. With this designation, Jeff and his team are obligated to act in the best interests of their clients - providing them with full and fair disclosures and adhering to a strict moral and ethical code. 

Prioritizing financial growth, family and faith, Southern Heritage has always aimed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its clients. A team of long-time Tennesseans, the office cares for its local community and the clients they serve. Southern Heritage has continually been acknowledged for its efforts in the industry - most recently as the NEXT Financial Top Division each of the past five years. 

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